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Must-Visit for Nature Lovers | Royal Botanical Garden in Burlington

In the beginning of this month, me and Riju felt like doing a cute little picnic at some not-so-ordinary park anymore so we found a Botanical Garden in Burlington and decided to give it a visit. We had visited the Butchart Botanical Gardens in British Columbia a few years back during one of our trips and absolutely loved it but had no idea that we had one so close to our home city as well. At first we just couldn't get over the idea that we've been living in this country for almost 10 years now and still had never heard of this amazing place.

Royal Botanical Garden Burlington

Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG is a royally approved place that anyone would love but it's an absolute must visit for nature lovers or anyone who just enjoys serenity and sitting in peace. It is one of the major tourist attractions between Niagara Falls and Toronto, as well as a significant local and regional horticultural, education, conservation, and scientific resource. More than 1,100 species of plants grow within its boundaries including the Bashful Bulrush (Trichophorum planifolium) which is found nowhere else in Canada, and the largest remaining population of Canada's most endangered tree, the Red Mulberry (Morus rubra).

RBG is comprised of 2,700 acres with four distinct gardens, 27 kms of nature trails, and lots to brag about: the world’s largest lilac collection, 100,000 spring bulbs, 3,000 rose bushes, an iris garden, an indoor Mediterranean Garden, to name a few.

Make sure to leave yourself plenty of time to explore as all gardens and nature sanctuaries are remarkably beautiful. My personal favourite was Rock Garden, which is considered the birthplace of Royal Botanical Gardens. It's amazing how you can just grab a nice glass of wine at the Rock Garden Café and start roaming the gardens. The Cafe also has a really nice patio that provides an inspiring bird’s-eye view of the garden’s rejuvenated lower bowl, a perfect spot to relax.

Rock Garden Royal Botanical Garden in Burlington

Other highlights include the Scented Garden where you can enjoy delectable fragrances; the White Garden for a spectacular monochromatic scene; the Global Garden featuring plants from around the world; the Medicinal Garden where plants are arranged by the diseases they treat; the Medieval Garden to see plants used in medicinal, culinary, aromatic and dye purposes during Medieval times (plus a sundial!).

A nature lover’s dream, RBG’s exhilarating landscapes are bursting with magnificent flora and fauna, offering hours of outdoor adventure for all activity levels.

  • 27km of nature trails

  • Paddle Cootes Paradise

  • Grow your Knowledge with a Workshop or Program

  • Discover Diverse Birding

They also offer a diverse festival and event calendar for all interests which makes it another reason for a must-visit. Do plan a visit soon and share your experience with me in the comments below! Get outside, enjoy the sunny weather and discover more of Ontario ☀️


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