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Welcome to Life With Loveleen

My name is Loveleen and I'm a fashion, travel & lifestyle enthusiast. I am constantly looking out for the latest fashion trends and new destinations to explore. In all this process, my sole intention is to inspire as many people as possible with my blog posts on every single aspect of living a fulfilling life. I always dreamt of having a website and now that it's here it feels like a dream come true. I personally invite y'all to enter this inspiring world of mine through my words, photos & videos.


I love travelling and there's something about travel that just calls to me. Maybe it's the sense of adventure, or the chance to explore new cultures and meet new people. Whatever the reason, I love travelling and I'm always excited to share my experiences with others. That's why on this blog I'll be sharing my love of travel with all of you. I'll be posting pictures, stories, and tips on all the different places I've been lucky enough to visit. So whether you're dreaming of your next vacation or just looking for some armchair travel, I hope you'll enjoy following along on my adventures.

Another thing I am super passionate about is fashion and I love to experiment with my style and create. fun outfits using different pieces from my closet. So here I am, creating my own footprint to connect, inspire and have some fun with y'all fashionistas. With my blog, I aim to encourage, educate, and inspire all women across the globe through my personal style, trends, fashion tips and tricks. I'm a super Bollywood & filmy person at heart and would love to share that persona of myself on this blog as well.


Lastly, there are weddings and then there are Indian weddings, and it makes a hell lot of a difference when you get to be the part of them. Indian Weddings make my soul happy and I always enjoy the chance of being a part of organizing the celebration and ceremonies that go on and on like forever. I have a separate WEDDING section on my blog to inspire all future brides and link my expertise to my personal love for Indian weddings. 


Here on, this is how I take you along with me on my journey. I hope we have loads of fun!

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