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Halloween Celebration at Work | Harry Potter Costume

Fall is in full swing, the leaves are changing colors and it's getting chilly outside. It's time for Halloween, which means it's time to celebrate! Halloween is a time for fun and games, whether you are trick or treating with the kids or dressing up to scare your neighbours.

This year we had an awesomely spooky vibe at work during October 31st. From decorations to activities, it was all right here! Everyone tells me I do magic at work, so I thought why not dress up as the most awesome wizard of all time. I went in dressed as "Harry Potter" and it was a hit!!!

Are you looking for the perfect way to celebrate Halloween at work? Check out this video and see how pretty creepy costumes we had in the office this year and a great time. You can't do a party without snacks though so we had awesome spooky treats.

Looking forward to hearing about all of your favorite Halloween traditions this year!

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