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Amazing Waterfall Hike Near Toronto: Hilton Hills Fall

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Halton Falls Trail, Hilton Falls

With nature getting at its best in the month of June in Toronto, a lot of places were waiting to be checked off my bucket list. One of these was Hilton Falls Trail in Halton Conservation Park. You may already have seen lists of hikes to do this summer but this one particularly is a must for that Insta-worthy shot! 

This 3km (roundtrip) hilton falls trail leads to a waterfall that's breathtaking. While you won't have to complete the entire trail to see this beauty, but what you'll discover along the way will be worth the walk.

Hilton Falls is an outdoor athlete’s heaven. Rushing rivers and budding greenery are a photographer’s delight. There are three bike-only trails that are a mix of novice level, and technically challenging rock-gardens. Mountain Biking purists will love riding on any one of the trails like the Wandering Lynx Backcountry or the Bent Rim. Riders will love how they are deeply immersed in quiet forests. We loved the entire hike and the scenery that followed along with us.

Bring marshmallows and roast s’mores with the family near the falls itself. You’ll learn a little history about the escarpment and previous inhabitants: the Mill Ruins are still there to this day! As the sun sets, you can hike to the reservoir and fish in the water.

There are a total of 4 multi- use trails available for hiking, cross-country skiing and biking in Halton Conservation. All trail distances are measured from the start of trails except for the biking trails.

The park is open 9:00 am - 9:00 pm from May 22 - October 12 and reservations are required before your visit. Make sure to book a slot that is not so busy.

On the brow of the falls, you’ll see stone structures. It’s all that remains of three 19th century saw mills. Even though there is little left of the original saw mills, the mills supplied lumber to the Nassagaweya Township.

Breathe in fresh air, and work-out in the Halton Conservation Park. Whether it’s hiking the trails, mountain biking, or trail running, you’ll feel recharged after a walk in the forest. Head on over and do share a picture of your trip with me! Until then, Xo..Xo..


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