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10 Car Must-haves from Amazon

All these products are car essentials and something we all need to enjoy our cars even more. You can also combine all of these products to make a great gift hamper & treat someone special who just got a new car. Don't forget to let me know which one you like the most out of all. Happy Shopping!! 🏎️

1. Mini Car Humidifier

This humidifier is great to maintain the humid level in your car and automatically shuts off when water runs out. This ultrasonic humidifier lowers the noise level to 30 dB for quiet humidification so you can drive peacefully.

Buy Now, $37.99

Mini Car Humidifier

2. 4-Port USB Car Charger for Apple & Android Devices

This Amazon Basics USB car charger plugs into a car’s DC adapter and can charge up to 4 devices at a time—great for phones, tablets, and other devices

Buy Now, $19.78

4-Port USB Charger

3. Universal Car Hooks

This hook is stronger than any ordinary hook, durable and non-deformation. Each hook can hold up to 10 pounds! You just need to hang the hook on the metal rod on the back of the chair and adjust the direction. Use it to hang groceries from the back of the seat, a coat from an overhead handle, or keep a purse upright and within reach in the passenger seat.

Buy Normal Hooks, $12.99

Blingy Hooks, $12.99

Car Purse Hook

4. Car Seat Gap Filler

I'm sure you all dread the annoying yet ever so dangerous gap between your car or truck seat and center console. Drop Stop is the only solution that will fill the gap in front of, surrounding, and behind the seat belt catch. It simply attaches to the seat belt catch via the built in slot, meaning it moves WITH the seat. No need to readjust or reinstall! ONE SIZE FITS ALL!!

Buy Now, $39.42

Car Seat Gap Filler

5. Compact First Aid Kit

We don't know when there will be an emergency, earthquakes, accidents and injuries can happen suddenly, so make sure you keep this kit close when professional medical care may be some distance away. This basic 228 pieces of comprehensive first aid treatment products is manufactured from the Modern aseptic facility, exceeding safety standards for emergency first aid for both adults and kids.

Buy Now, $49.99

Compact First Aid Kit

6. Car Interior Lights with App Control

Looking for a #CarMakeover? Install these car interior lights that come with come with RGB car LED strip, over 16 million colors and different tones for selection, so you can create your own unique color to perfect enhancement for upgrading your car. No need assemble the strip light, more easy to install, hide and keep your car clean and tidy.

Enjoy to change the color, brightness, music mode. What's more, you can use the APP to control the light.

Buy Now, $24.99

7. Dip Clip

This vent sauce holder is for all sauce and nuggets lovers, fitting different sizes of the popular sauces holder from fast food restaurant. You can also just put the sauce in the white tray that’s easy to clean.

Clip this dip clip it to the vents of your car, one for the driver, another for the passengers. With these dip sauce holders, you can keep focus on the road enjoy dipping and eating without having to balance the dip in the cup holder and look down in the car.

Buy Now, $13.99

Car Dip Clip

8. Trunk Organizer

Organize a variety of things from Groceries to emergency tools or cleaning supplies while saving room in your trunk. Unfold the organizer, slide in the hardened base plates, attach the divider, and fill with any items you'd like. Collapsible when not in use. Built to last with reinforced base plates, sturdy side walls & strong carrying handles.

Buy Now, $32.99

Trunk Organizer

9. Laptop/Easting Wheel Desk

This wheel desk is very light to carry, but sturdy enough to support a laptop, lunch and notepad. Just hook on your steering wheel and get an instant ergonomic desk.

Buy Now, $18.99

Car Wheel Desk

10. Car Windshield Sun Cover

SWEATY OR MISERABLE? Ever opened your door to a blast of hot air in your face? This windshield sun shade protects you from the sun's heat and harmful UV radiation rays. These high quality and durable sun blocker screen protector maintains your car interior temperature, so your vehicle's seats stay cool, and without getting your hands burned on steering wheel.

Buy Now, $24.66

Car Windshield Sun Cover

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