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6 Fun Ways to Style a Boyfriend Shirt

My wardrobe can never have too many clothes. So I think to myself, why not create some extra outfit options using a boyfriend shirt? Sounds fun, right?!

So I came up with 6 fun ways you can style a boyfriend shirt. You can either steal it off your boyfriend/husband's closet or order one online. They are super comfortable and can become super trendy when you know how to style it and what to pair with it.

1. Wear as a Layer

The first way to wear a boyfriend shirt is to top it as a layer on top of any dress or shorts or jeans. You can choose to leave the buttons open, or or tie them as a knot at front. It instantly adds a super cool vibe to the entire outfit.

 long sleeve boyfriend shirt in brown & black check

2. Wear as a dress, cinched at waist

You can easily turn a shirt into a dress by using a nice belt to cinch at the waist. Just make sure the length of the shirt is appropriate enough to wear as dress otherwise wear it with a pair of leggings or jeans.

Rolled Tab Sleeve D-Ring Belt Shirt Dress

3. Wear one on top, one tied on your waist

Super easy to create this look by wearing one shirt on top as usual and tying another on your waist. Throw on a nice pair of sunglasses, grab your favorite handbag, and slip on your heels to give it a high-fashion look.

4. Off-shoulder style

Turn any shirt into a super-stylish off shoulder top by following the steps shown below. This is definitely one of my favourite looks to create out of all!

turn boyfriend shirt into off shoulder top

5. One-shoulder style

Button down the shirt as usual leaving 2-3 buttons open at the top. Then slip it down one shoulder and voila! you just designed yourself a nice one-shoulder top.

6. Tucked in with skirt

Tucked in and buttoned up, this outfit makes for a perfect formal wear. Throw on your favorite skirt and top it off with your boyfriend shirt and you're ready for the next meeting! Give it a little more shape with a simple belt if needed. 

Have more fun ways to style a boyfriend shirt your way? Don't forget to share them with me! Until then Xo...Xo...


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