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14 Ways to Style Midi Skirt in Fall

One of my favourite things about September, other than it being my #BirthdayMonth is getting my wardrobe ready for fall. Along with Fall comes a lot of fashion trends that I personally love a lot. Whether it be cozy chunky sweaters, warm & snuggly cardigans, long boots or warm drinks at my favourite cafes. Fall season is neither too hot, nor too cold thus perfect to enjoy the weather and beautiful colors it brings along. P.S I finally get to turn on the fireplace and enjoy my warm cup of coffee in front of it with my favourite Netflix show playing! (used to be PLL until last year)

One of the items I really love about fall fashion is - Midi skirts. There are so many ways you can style them and for this post I'm sharing 14 of my most favourite looks for you to take inspiration from and try some new looks out for yourself. Here you go:

1. Midi Skirt + Fitted Turtleneck

2. Midi Skirt + Chunky Sweater

3. Midi Skirt + T-shirt + Leather Jacket

4. Midi Skirt + Long Boots

5. Midi Skirt + Sneakers

6. Midi Skirt + Oversize Turtlenecks

7. Midi Skirt + Berets

8. Midi Skirt + Leopard Print

9. Midi Skirt + Formal Shirt

10. Midi Skirt + Ankle Boots

11. Midi Skirt + Long Coats

12. Midi Skirt + Cardigan

13. Midi Skirt + Blazer

14. Midi Skirt + Scarf

I hope I left you inspried with these looks. As always, don't forget to let me know which look was your favorite. Do tag me on your social media accounts if you post a picture wearing any of these. Until then, XO...XO.. <3


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