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11 Ways to Style a Basic White T-shirt

When I think of staple fashion pieces, my go-to is either a black or a white tee. It's a staple in everyone's wardrobes. Our closets might be filled with off-shoulder, cropped, tight, baggy, ripped blouses but trust me,nothing can be styled as easily as a white tee. It’s a piece that’s pretty accessible to almost everyone and I would suggest you keep a few stocked in your closet everytime. From creating a minimalist outfit to an instagram #OOTD, all you'll need is a white-tee, some stylish accessories and lots of inspiration.

Find one from your closet and get inspiration from my 11 classy yet trendy ways to style a basic white t-shirt:

1. White Tee + Blazer

Create a business-casual look with a structured blazer and a crisp white tee.

2. Knotted T-shirt + Midi Skirt

Knot the front of an oversize white tee and wear with a midi skirt to create a runway-worthy look.

3. White Tee + Jeans

Style with your favourite pair of jeans for cool and edgy look.

4. Layer under a Jumpsuit

5. Layer under a Slip Dress

Become a treat for the eyes by layering it with a basic slip dress. Add a versatile belt to create a silhouette.

6. Tucked in with High-Waisted Pants

Create a great formal look for your next day in office by wearing with a high-waisted pants.

7. White Tee + Shorts

This look is for a quick trip to the grocery store or just your regular visit to the Starbucks.

8. Structured Blazer + Mini Skirt

9. White Tee + A Matching Set

These are kind of looks I live for. So polished!!

10. Denim Jacket + Scarf

11. Layer under a Cardigan/Trench Coat for cold days

All these looks are proof of the white-t-shirt’s versatility: not only does it look good on its own, it looks good layered under most anything you want to put on top of it. Create a polished look with your white tee and don't forget to share your looks in the comments below. Until then, xo..xo... <3


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